Our Trust - working for the community of Raetihi

Why we exist


Raetihi Promotions Charitable Trust was established in 1997.  The key objective of the trust is to generally continue the development of the Township of Raetihi by promoting it to the larger NZ Pubic and creating new and enhancing its existing attractions and business opportunities and assisting others to do the same.

More specially:

promote the wellbeing and community spirits of the population of the Township of Raetihi by promoting greater education and knowledge of physical fitness healthy lifestyle and cultural awareness

and to promote and foster a community spirit within population of the Township of Raetihi through sporting and education programmers and to provide for such educational and physical activities for the population of the township of Raetihi.

Our group of volunteers are achieving the goals set out in our Trust Deed.  Our work is hugely beneficial to the community and town.  We have raised the perception of our town with beautification programmes, manage, promote and run recreational events which foster the health & wellbeing of our community and those around us.

We currently running the following events and projects:

  • Raetihi Xmas Parade
  • Waimarino Art Awards
  • Raetihi Gutbuster
  • Ruapehu Wildfood
  • Makotuku Track
  • Ameku Road Track
  • Mangaeturoa School Revilisation Project

NZBN: 9429042936091

CC 42834


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