Gateway to Adventures

Our unique locations at the crossroads of our region create a perfect launching pad for so many adventures.  Each direction of the compass leads to opportunities to explore.  Camping at Ruatiti Domain, jet boating along the Whanganui river, marvelling at the Bridge to Nowhere, Exploring the Ameku Walkway, soaking up the ski many things to do everyday.

Ruatiti Domain

A great place for old school style camping.  The Ruatiti Domain is situated on a peninsular of 4,755 hectares, formed at the confluence between Manganui‑O‑Te‑Ao River and the Ruatiti Stream. It lies at an altitude of 240m above sea level and has a temperate climate, with a rainfall of 1500mm per annum.

The Manganui-O-Te-Ao River runs through the Domain, providing sandy beaches and excellent swimming and fishing opportunities.

Manganui-O-Te-Ao was the food bowl for the area.   Historically this area was the main highway for Tangata Whenua, and where most of the iwi lived before they moved to Raetihi and surrounds.

Bridge to Nowhere

Constructed in the 1930's, the Bridge to Nowhere serves as a legacy to the failed post WWI settlement of the Mangapurura valley. 

Catch a guided half day jetboat tour to the Mangapurua landing from Pipiriki, and then walk through the stunning bush track to the bridge.

  • Walk - 3km return. (1/1/2 hours return)

  • Jetboat - allow an hour each direction

  • Pipiriki is 35mins drive from Raetihi and regular connections to tours operate

  • Cycle the Mangapurua from Ruatiti or the Mangapurua Landing as part of the Mountains to Sea - Nga Ara Tuhono.

Tūroa and the Ski fields of Ruapehu

Ruapehu is home to the North Islands ski fields, so no matter if you're into snow boarding, skiing or just playing in the winter white stuff, it's a short connection up to the slopes from our town.

For a gateway to the snow - we're there.

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